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Hello, my name is Wilbur I’m an aspiring kids cartoon artist/animator from Oxfordshire! My pronouns are he/it and I am trans as well as neurodivergent.

Being trans and autistic has influenced a lot of my work and has had a big involvement on my interest of kids cartoons from a young age, shows like Steven Universe have resonated with me in a way that no media ever really has before, I actually think I've watched it over a hundred times. I remember the first time I watched it when I was a bit younger and just thinking ‘I absolutely HAVE to make something like this, this is what I want to do’.

Although I never had the chance to do a GCSE in art, I was always practising in my spare time! You can have a look at my old work on here too . For my A level I created a children’s book, which was very emotional for me, as a lot of the themes revolved around being autistic and feeling like you need to hide yourself, A levels were a tough time for me especially so I’m extremely proud of it!

I hope you enjoy this little website of my art if you want to find out more about my thought process behind some of them, simply hover over it with your mouse.

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Kid's Book

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If you want any art commissioned feel free to contact me and we can work together.